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Does anyone who carries around a whiskey hip flask automatically qualify as an alcoholic? Well..Of course...NOT!

Alcoholics are those who can’t control their drinking to the point they are destroying their health, which is bad..really bad!

However, before rushing to put a sign to someone who owns a hip flask we should ask ourselves some questions:

  • Who wants to pay bar prices for a shot of whiskey?
  • Who doesn’t want to spent only a few bucks during a bar crawl? I guess you are wondering how. Simply load it up with whiskey or rum and just order cokes, then add your own booze and BLAMO you can drink rum/whiskey and coke all night!
  • How many times we want to add a quick snip to our coffee when workload is piling up at the office or how many times we wanted a scotch courage when out hunting or fishing?

Our solid stainless steel polished hip flasks are resistant to rust, staining and corrosion making it a handsome,humorous gift choice for any wandering whiskey fan.





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